Lead Generation


Why You Need Help

  • Let’s face it, getting new clients isn’t cheap- Yellow Pages, local magazines, newspaper ads, mass mailing campaigns, etc are all expensive and largely ineffective. Our system provides extremely low lead acquisition by comparison
  • So what about “daily deal” sites? They might get people in the door, but they’re the wrong type of client! Are they interested in you or just getting 20% off? Be honest! Huge discounts and high volume can be a disaster!
  • So you get a new client in – what do you do with them? Do you know where they came from? Do you have their contact information? Do you follow up with them? Will you ever reach out to them again… will you do anything except hope they come back?

How It Works

  • Traffic comes to your website
  • Those clicks are converted into leads
  • That lead is followed up with by e-mail and text message
  • Appointments are set
  • Results are tracked
  • And it’s all automated!

Why it Works

  • Traditional advertising is outdated, expensive and doesn’t work!
  • Our system provides “Honest Clicks” – these are not people that clicked an ad promising a discount, they are legitimately searching for you!
  • “Honest Leads” – these are not leads you buy – you’re taking advantage of the people that organically visit your website every day!
  • Stops the search- once the prospect provides their information and immediately receives your e-mail offer from our system, they are less likely to continue searching for another similar business
  • Endless flow of leads – as long as your site gets traffic, the leads will never stop! You might have thousands of people visiting your website every month, and you’re not doing anything with them!
  • “Daily Deal” sites can kill small businesses – deep discounts and high volume can mean disaster when coupon clippers don’t come back!


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Lead Generation




Sales Data

September Web Site Pop Up Score Card – Results for Beyond Beaute’ Day Spa

We generated 52 new client leads for this spa in 30 days – 22 of those came in for services and spent $2,121! That’s a value of almost $100 PER NEW LEAD!


Clear Lake Spa  Deer Park
 Total Leads:  21  31
 Total Responded:  13  9
  Total Massages:  $845.00  $385
 Total Other Add On Services:  $667.00  $45
 Total Retail Sold:  $179.00  $0
 Grand Total:  $1691.00  $430

What can we do for you?

Are you not just looking for leads, but the right leads? Do you want to increase your conversion? Do you want to leverage your existing web traffic and turn unknown visitors into paying customers? Just fill out the form and let us know how we can help!


monna site


  • A website that looks like it was built in 1998 won’t position your business favorably in the client’s mind – a site that appears low quality says low quality service
  • A modern, intelligently designed site conveys credibility, trustworthiness and quality
  • It’s the online face of your business – esthetics are important and always make an immediate impression on potential clients
  • You’ve been to a terrible website before – would you pay for their services? Impressive design, high quality graphics, photos and logos speak volumes!

Lead Generation

  • Does your website work for you? Leverage your existing traffic! Thousands of potential new clients are visiting your website every month – do you know who they are? Are you converting them into cash?
  • Capturing a lead’s information allows you to market to them in the future
  • Endless flow of leads – as long as your site gets traffic, the leads will never stop!
  • Stops the search- once the prospect provides their information and immediately receives your e-mail with an offer from our system, they are less likely to continue searching for another similar business
  • Consistently marketing to your clients over time starts with engaging them when they first visit your site

User Experience

  • Does your website engage your user? Does it start a clear dialogue them? If you don’t know, you’ve got issues!
  • Ok, they clicked on your website – can you keep them there? Or are they out the door before they get your message? (do you even have a message?)
  • Can your users interact with your site? Or are they just lost in a cluttered sea of boring text and outdated Clip Art?
  • Optimizing your user’s experience will lead them down a path toward establishing a relationship with your brand – and that bond means sales, not just today, but down the road as well


  • Does your website have a clear call to action? If you’re not sure, that could explain your lack and sales and conversation issues. If your website doesn’t send the user a clear message, the design, copy and layout are meaningless – let us help you craft that message to reach your target audience and drive sales
  • A great website doesn’t just happen – intelligent design is essential!

Mobile Websites


Mobile Is the Future

Why do I need a mobile website?

  • Up to 30% of your website’s traffic probably comes from mobile devices
  • Half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices!
  • By 2014 mobile internet usage should surpass desktop usage
  • In 2013 tablets exceeded traditional desktop devices for conversion rates for the first time

Is My Site Mobile?

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So what’s the difference?

  • Even if your website comes up on a mobile devices, it won’t be optimized to run effectively on them – chances are your potential client will get sick of zooming in and out, hunting for what they want and just leave. Check out the difference!


All of our mobile websites feature

  • Fully optimized for all mobile devices
  • Text For Offer Feature – leads can get your offer texted to them!
  • E-mail/auto-responder opt-in
  • Google Maps to your location – one click and your leads will never have trouble finding you again!
  • Easy Click to Call feature – one click and they’re on the phone with you!

Show Me the Difference!

  • Want to see what your website could look like optimized for mobile devices? Contact us and we’ll show you- FREE! Just fill out the form

Automated Marketing



Your customers check their inbox all day, every day. Make sure you get in front of them – build relationships, drive revenue and get results!

We offer custom designed Automated Campaigns for

  •     New Clients- get them in the door
  •     New Client Bounce Back- get them back again, get their feedback
  •     Lost Clients – reach out to past clients you’ve left for dead
  •     Birthdays – reach out to your clients every month
  •     Mobile Campaigns – tie your campaigns into your mobile website
  •     Ongoing Referral – help current clients refer their friends
  •     Surveys – do you know how your clients feel about your business?

How it Works




Struggling to get the word out? Having trouble converting past clients into recurring ones? How do you stay in front of them so that when they decide to buy they’re thinking of YOU? Our custom newsletters are the answer!

  • Put a face to your business – yes, clients actually want to know there are human beings behind the scenes!
  • Teach clients about your products and services and build trust!
  • Establishing a dialogue with your clients – continual engagement means they’re primed for ongoing sales
  • Help clients identify with your brand
  • Invest in your clients – the more useful content you give them, the more results you’ll see

Enterprise Software Solutions



  • Our solutions team understands that rapid delivery of software is key to the success of your business or government agency. You can be sure we’ll deliver what you want, when you need it.
  • Software is not a one size fits all solution. We have expertise in implementing everything from custom Business Intelligence frameworks to Big Data analytics solutions and cutting-edge web applications.
  • We leverage our knowledge of existing and emerging technologies to implement software that works for you.


  • Requirements change. It’s a fact of life. That’s why we develop using scrum – a proven methodology that mitigates risk and keeps requirements flexible
  • We don’t believe in silos of expertise or functionality. All of our solutions experts are full-stack developers, which means we can fire full throttle and deliver everything that you need.


  • Good software doesn’t write itself. Our team prides itself on hiring smart, outgoing people who love solving problems.
  • We are passionate about technology. Whether it is D3 for cutting edge data visualization, or Hadoop for solving your analytical problems, we push the boundaries of modern software.

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